Education plays an important role in our group.

Passing on knowledge and receiving input from various sides. This is why we try to constantly involve students in our daily work. The students have come from the areas of Medicine, Mechanical Engineering, Biosystems Technology and Cardiovascular Perfusion. The students stay on to complete their term paper, their Bachelor's or Doctorate’s thesis with us. Some have stayed on as full time colleagues. We also teach medical students on a regular basis giving them an insight in our daily work in the lab and we teach Medical English at the Academy for Perfusionists of the German Heart Institute.

Tieyan Li

"Detection of dose-dependent effects of the β-blocker Esmolol on myocardial deformation using MRI-tagging"

Medical doctoral thesis (2013)

Tieyan stayed with us for two years from 2011-2013 and learned about the Process of MRI Tagging, Imaging data acquisition of MRI Tagging and analysis of data. He also helped with the animal experiments.   

Sina Bauer

“Magnetic resonance imaging: Evaluation of myocardial perfusion, scarring and left ventricular function in repaired anomalous left coronary artery from pulmonary artery.”

Medical doctorate thesis (2013)

Christoph Schattschneider

"Validation of deep drawn pericardium heart valves in a sheep model"

Biosystems Technology/Bioinformatics, Bachelor's Thesis (2013)

Christoph spent three months with us working on his thesis. He harvested pericardial tissue and manufactured the valves. He evaluated the explanted pericardial valves using REM and SEM.  

Laura Feldmann

"Development of a test bench for the investigation of the fatigue of pulmonary valved stents"

Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor's Thesis (2013)

Laura worked on the reconstruction of a model of the pulmonary artery on the basis of ovine CT-images, which was manufactured in a stereolithographic process. The models were cast in different materials. The distensibility and compliance of the models as well as their deformation under physiological pressure was tested. The reconstructed model was connected to a testbench, which simulates the systemic circulation. The established test bench is suitable to investigate the fatigue and the implantation behaviour of stents.

Sigrid Schulze

"LiquidHome: an animal trial to prolong the lung development of preterm lambs with a birth weight of under 1500g"

Bachelorarbeit 2013: Allied Health/Cardiovascular perfusion Bachelor's thesis 2013. 

Sigrid helped in the animal trial with setting up and running the ECMO system, and documentation and evaluating of the results.  

Felicitas Spann

"Determining ovine vessel diameters relevant for catheter interventions based on CT images"

For a term paper during her medical studies, Felicitas evaluated CT data. She focussed on finding correlations between the Pulmonary valve and other vessels.

Melanie Stalder

Melanie completed her three month internship as a Mechanical Engineer in our group. She helped in the further development of catheter systems, (kinematics and programing).