more Methods


SimulationIn development of cardiac devices the animal model plays an important role. Nevertheless, we seek alternative methods which answer the ‘reduce, replace, refine’ principle. 

With simulations we find a method that can give us answers on prevailing questions by calculations. These models help us to understand , e.g. the opening behavior of stents or the performance of blood vessels.
On the basis of fixed parameters a computer program calculates a model that can be utilized e.g. in the construction of a catheter.


3D rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping, also known as 3D printing can be used as a method to quickly manufacture prototypes from computer Aided Design Data (CAD). It is a very quick and effective method. The printing works with several materials. We have used rapid prototyping to generate parts used in catheter development.


Morphological tissue analysis and tissue formation is investigated by histology. Samples are fixed in formalin and are paraffin embedded or plastic embedded. With different stainings we can focus on particular features which are of specific interest. 

Our histological methods include the following. 

  • Standard
  • Immunostaining
  • Plastic embedding



CAD griffFor the construction of medical and/or cardiac devices CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is essential. It allows for a construction by computer and is highly common nowadays. We are constantly using CAD for the construction of parts or components for our devices. These CAD files can then either be transferred to a third party which manufactures for example in injection molding or silicone vacuum casting. Then CAD files can also be used for rapid prototyping so we can print a prototype in our lab.